Real Estate, Business Partners & Friends

Facebook. Can you believe that some of my closest business partners became partners and friends on Facebook? I have mostly a love relationship with social media. I know people hate it. People talk poorly about it, and some people simply refuse to be on it, but I happen to enjoy it. I think my timeContinue reading “Real Estate, Business Partners & Friends”

Growth, Leadership, and Filling the Hole

I moved to Okinawa in August 2018. It was an exhausting summer and a very challenging move across the world. Anytime you move, it is tough, but moving to another country adds another layer to the experience. Add in the loss of your father, and a move to the other side of the world seemsContinue reading “Growth, Leadership, and Filling the Hole”

Just some thoughts on The Invention of Wings

In 1998, the movie, Saving Private Ryan came out in theaters. That summer, my 9-year old brother and little sister came to visit us in Quantico. We swam, did some sightseeing, and we took them to see Saving Private Ryan. It was outstanding, and it is one I have watched several times. However, at theContinue reading “Just some thoughts on The Invention of Wings”

Let’s Try This Consistency Thing Again

This week’s blog isn’t going to be about a book. Come back next week if you want my take on a really good book. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention an important book this week because quite frankly, the ONLY reason I am writing is because of what I read in AtomicContinue reading “Let’s Try This Consistency Thing Again”

I couldn’t do it.

For those of you who actually read the blog, please pardon the redundancy. For those of you who are new, here is the three sentence run-down. I tried to run the island of Okinawa last April, and my friend and I ran seventy miles from south to north. Last weekend I tried to run itContinue reading “I couldn’t do it.”