Intentions, Resolutions, Oh My…

I love goal setting. I love new starts. Almost every Sunday, for as long as I can remember, I would say “this is going to be a new week, and this week I am going to get my act together.” Most weeks, I’d say it with excitement. The new week meant that it was anContinue reading “Intentions, Resolutions, Oh My…”

Preparing Tamales – Our Holiday Tradition

My family began making tamales back in 1960.I obviously wasn’t a part of the first annual Christmas Eve tamale making event. Even my mother wasn’t around at that time. Many years ago, my dad’s family began making tamales, and the practice stuck. I often wonder if they knew that sixty-two years later the family wouldContinue reading “Preparing Tamales – Our Holiday Tradition”

The Final Blog for This Exercise

I can’t believe that this is my final blog. Well, it’s not the last one that I will ever write. I have actually enjoyed this experience, and I feel like someday, I will come back to these thirty-days of blogs, and I will be reminded of this time in my life. Overall, it was anContinue reading “The Final Blog for This Exercise”

One Guy from Italy

One Guy from Italy might be my favorite restaurant. Well, it’s not my very favorite, but it definitely ranks in the top five restaurants in my hometown. It’s been around for over forty-years, and twenty-five-plus-years-ago, when we were going to Tech as a young couple, we frequented the place. The location is great. The foodContinue reading “One Guy from Italy”