Life is made up of hills, valleys, and plateaus. I’m here to share some of my successes and failures so that someone else’s journey maybe a little easier.

I’m back!

I haven’t published a blog in a month now. I pride myself with my ability to be consistent, and I have consistently written for a year and a half now. This summer, I took a week off so I could be with my family, and I had no intentions of taking any more writing breaks.Continue reading “I’m back!”

Yoga Retreat on Okinawa

I’m not a yogi. I’m a 46-year-old endurance runner who doesn’t even enjoy post-run stretching, but because I am a 46-year-old-runner, I knew that I probably really needed this retreat. Backstory Coronavirus hit our little island, and everything shut down. Some people went into hibernation. Some people expanded their offerings. I did a lot ofContinue reading “Yoga Retreat on Okinawa”

Social Media Hiatus

When people talk about taking a break from social media, it’s usually because of something negative. For example, I know people who didn’t log into social media platforms during the election. The hate and discontent was just too much. I also know a lot of people who have given up Facebook for Lent – theContinue reading “Social Media Hiatus”

Books, Books, Books

I didn’t read the book for my leadership book club, and I showed up unapologetically to discuss it. Actually, I mostly just listened to the discussion because the other readers had intriguing and interesting insights. For the first time EVER, I felt like I could still show up even though I hadn’t even attempted toContinue reading “Books, Books, Books”


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