Life is made up of hills, valleys, and plateaus. I’m here to share some of my successes and failures so that someone else’s journey maybe a little easier.

Kumano Kodo

Before moving to Japan, the one place in the world that I wanted to go to was India. I wanted to see the Taj Mahal. I was obsessed! I followed the Taj Mahal hashtag on Instagram. I spent hours looking at pictures. I envisioned myself in one of those pictures, and then one day IContinue reading “Kumano Kodo”

Iejima Island

We took a quick trip to Ie Island this past weekend, and once again, I was reminded of why I enjoy being there so much. We have been there several times, and any time of year, it’s a good time. From the Motobu port, the short ferry ride is about 30 minutes, and it isContinue reading “Iejima Island”


I decided that I would write about this interesting concept of time, and when it was time to actually sit and write, I realized that it is a much bigger concept than I am capable of expressing, so bear with me as I attempt to share some basic thoughts about something that is not basicContinue reading “Time”

The Trifecta

If I put off this post for too long, I’ll move on and won’t write about it. Marine Corps Marathon created a 50K a couple of years ago. I wasn’t interested in running it because I had planned to run the marathon, and in a real-life event, you can’t run both on the same day,Continue reading “The Trifecta”


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