Life is made up of hills, valleys, and plateaus. I’m here to share some of my successes and failures so that someone else’s journey maybe a little easier.

Healthy Holidays

I know that I am not the only person who loves the holidays. I love them so much that I love to pack in ALL the FUN, and in that packing, I find myself overwhelmed and even a little exhausted. If you are like me, your month of December is jam-packed. It is jam-packed withContinue reading “Healthy Holidays”

Bloom Café

Back in 2016, I used to see my amazingly funny friends no less than twice a week. We played kickball together, and our team had fun. We won some games. We lost some games, but it would be tough to find a team who got along as well as we did. In addition to kickball,Continue reading “Bloom Café”

Half-Way Done

For those of you who are new to the blog or have seen a couple of the blog posts lately, this recap is for you. For my mom, mother-in-law, Aunt Claudette, and a few close friends, this blog isn’t for you. You already know most of what I plan to share in this particular post,Continue reading “Half-Way Done”

Tour of Homes

I think the first Tour of Homes that I ever attended was on Okinawa, and it was December 2019. I had heard of Tour of Homes. They have them on most of the bases, but I was never in any of the clubs that hosted them, and I never felt like I was missing out.Continue reading “Tour of Homes”


I have finally decided that I am ready to return to school. I earned my master’s in business almost 20 years ago, and I have considered going back for my PhD two other times. Many years ago, I considered it, but could not commit because I knew that I would need to relocate with myContinue reading “GMAT vs GRE”

Marooned on Yokota

I had a few different writing options for today, but none of them felt quite right. One felt too vulnerable; I may write about it another day. The other one felt too negative; I really try to avoid putting negativity out into the universe. Instead, I will write about an event that happened this timeContinue reading “Marooned on Yokota”


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