Daydreaming about the Maldives

The Last Trip before

Coronavirus Stopped my Travels.

For someone who claims that they don’t care that no one reads the blog, I was unpleasantly surprised at how many people chose NOT to read my blog about Sri Lanka last week. Maybe it was the title. Maybe the timing wasn’t right. Maybe I should’ve shared it with more people. Since it got so few readers, I almost did not write about the Maldives this week. I guess deep down, I want a few readers to enjoy the blog. I guess that I had better improve my content. That being stated, I wrote last week that I would write about the Maldives this week, and if there’s one thing about me…if I say I’m going to do some thing, I do it…so here goes…

Simply stated: it was paradise.


Pictures can’t do it justice. Words can’t do it justice. All I can say is that if you only live once, and you only get to go on one trip during your lifetime, this is the trip.

Left: I am usually not laid back enough to do fun pictures, but when you are in paradise…Top right: the perfect place for journaling. Bottom right: dolphin sighting.

Keys to a perfect trip to paradise. Find a few girlfriends who are laid-back and fun. Rent a cabana that overlooks the clear blue water. Eat all the fruit. Drink all the drinks. Take all the pictures. Move your body a little bit, and thank God for all of your blessings.

Top right – drink all the drinks. Bottom right – move the body. Top left – find cabanas that overlook the water. Bottom left – find fun girlfriends.

This was the last trip I took before coronavirus hit. I have not traveled since, and I don’t know when I will get to travel again, but before the virus hit, I took the trip of a lifetime, so I should have no complaints. However, there’s something that happens when you travel: once you start it, you want more of it. To be able to experience different cultures, unique food, distinct smells, the beauty of nature in different locations is a blessing, and it has helped me to become more compassionate, more understanding, more intentional, and maybe even a little more interesting. As blessed as I feel that I got to take this trip, I sure would like a trip to paradise with my family.

On a different note: I am going to spend some time thinking about WHY I care if anyone actually reads this blog. See you next Monday.

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4 thoughts on “Daydreaming about the Maldives

      1. Your questions are similar to the ones I have for myself. I enjoy writing and the interactions I do get from my blog but I wish I cared less about people reading or not reading it.


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