Women Running at Any Age

A blog about a blog…

I’m a newbie blogger so I’m not sure if this is acceptable blogging protocol or not, but this week, I’m going to write about another blog.

I was recently approached by someone on the Marine Corps Marathon staff asking if they could do a short write up about my running. My first instinct was to hit the delete button. My second instinct was the read the email 3 times to make sure it was actually meant for me. My third instinct was to shut email down for a later time when I could concentrate on the questions they asked. Could they really be asking MY opinion about running? Did they really want to know MY story? Rationally, it makes sense. I have run 17 consecutive Marine Corps Marathons. I’m in my 40s, and they were looking to highlight women at all ages. I’m a woman, and I’m a runner. They actually wanted to hear my story.

After I sent the responses, I began to ask myself: how many other women in their 40s did they ask? Was I their 8th choice? Was I their 80th choice? Maybe I was the first to respond. Then, I reminded myself that it didn’t matter. They asked me. I responded. Maybe my story would resonate with someone. Maybe no one would read it. Maybe it didn’t matter at all. Then I decided that I’d share it within my blog because a blog within a blog may generate more activity on their site, and that would be a good thing. Maybe that was the purpose of me being chosen…so I could share and send more people to their blog.

Even if you’re not interested in my story, read the other stories. They are so inspiring. Running at any age is challenging and fun, and these ladies stories show resiliency and passion. I am completely humbled and honored to be written about them among them.


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I am a Texan, runner, military spouse, reader, a giver and a good friend.

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