Iejima Island

We took a quick trip to Ie Island this past weekend, and once again, I was reminded of why I enjoy being there so much. We have been there several times, and any time of year, it’s a good time.

Welcome to Iejima!

From the Motobu port, the short ferry ride is about 30 minutes, and it is part of the adventure! My dog, Suijin, and I stayed in the car this time, but I recommend sitting outside so you can take in the beauty of the area by boat. It is a pet friendly ferry, so let your furry friend enjoy the fresh air too. You will catch some great views of the water up there! Walking on to the ferry is the simplest way to travel. If you walk on, you can purchase your ticket at the port the day of travel. However, if you wish to take a car, I recommend making your reservation in advance. It can be done online, and it is quick and easy. We always take a car, and we are always happy that we did. You can book the ferry here – .

In the cooler months, I recommend hiking Mount Gusuku. You can climb the mountain in about 1/2 an hour. It is mostly steps so it is a kid-friendly hike, and the views from the top are amazing. Both Gus and Suijin, our two dogs, enjoyed the hike as well. You will get a panoramic view of the island, and you will be able to see Izena, Iyeha, and of course, Okinawa, from the peak. It is the only mountain on the island, so you can’t miss it!

Photo: October 2021

If you go in warmer months, you will enjoy the white sand and the crystal clear water. We take our paddleboards out there, and have found that it is worth the effort. The snorkeling is incredible too! When we go, we also take a canopy tent, and we spend from sun up to sundown on the beach.

Summer 2021

Finding food is also easy on Ie. First, there are two Family Marts so you know you can get your favorite Okinawa treats and drinks there. Second, there are many restaurants on the island. We happen to really enjoy Ace Burger. In addition to the delicious burgers and fries, their soba is outstanding. The JA market is a good, little grocery store, so we tend to buy food there and prepare our meals at the Airbnb. The Airbnb that we always rent: .

I hope this quick overview of Ie Island has you considering taking a quick trip up there. It’s simple. It’s fun, and it’s nice to get off Okinawa for a short or long weekend! Go enjoy the island!

Fall 2020

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