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This is Day 5 of 30 for my blog-writing exercise, and it’s the first day that I don’t have something prepared. As I began planning days and content, I had anticipated that I’d have something positive, fun, or maybe insightful about Thanksgiving so I had expected to be able to use “Thanksgiving on Okinawa” as my topic for the day. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like writing about Thanksgiving. I did a recap of Thanksgivings in the past, and that feels like enough writing about Thanksgiving. Today, I have nothing to write about, and I am brain dead. (Too much food and too much wine will do that to you.) This leaves me with a couple of options: I can pick another topic or not write for the day. Since not writing is NOT an option, I decided to run a search to get some help.

Some Background

When I contemplated doing this writing streak, running out of content was my biggest fear. Five days into it, and I’m beginning to realize lack of content AND the time it takes to write when I actually have something to write about are two of the biggest challenges so far. Looking at the next twenty-five days, I know I’ll have a few things coming up that could make for decent content. I have a few events within the next couple of weeks. I’m also going on a big trip, and I’m finishing two books. Three events and two books will give me five days of content. This now leaves me with twenty days that I’m going to have to get creative, and creativity is NOT my strong suit.

In my attempt to come up with something to write about today, I hit up the internet. The first thing I did was to ask my Facebook friends if they could come up with any topics, and I didn’t get a lot of responses. My mom said I should write about house features, which is a good idea. (I am house hunting so I can share that experience.) However, I needed more ideas, so I ran a search on “Most Popular Blog Topics,” and my search came up with a few ideas.

1: Politics

Nope. Not a chance. My first thought was that “hell would have to freeze over” before I would consider writing about politics. That being stated, my first date with my now husband was at a political fundraiser, so maybe I could write about this topic someday. It really is a cute story.

2: How-to Guide

Hmmmm, what do I know how to do? I’m not particularly good at any crafts so I’m not sure that this is something that I could dive into. However, I do have an obi-decor project that needs to be completed. Maybe I could finish my project, and I can write about it. A while back, I wrote about all of the crafting projects that I haven’t completed. Maybe I could write about one that I actually finished.

3: Interviews

Now, this is a great idea! I love talking to people, and I know a lot of very interesting people. This is a topic that I can probably make happen. I need to make a list of a few interesting people. I should also write some good questions, and finally, I need to set up some phone dates. Over the next 25 days, expect a couple of my posts to be about other people. I was once interviewed for a blog. Maybe I shared something interesting for my friend’s blog.

4: Charity or Activism

I love supporting the Okinawa Leadership Seminar, and I never wrote about our fall seminar. That’s another blog topic that I can use. We even had a photographer, so I’ll have some pictures to share.

5: Product Reviews

Maybe I could go shopping, buy something quirky, and write about it too. If I lived in the states, I would go find a product that is “As Seen on TV.” I always wonder if those products actually work. Since I’m in Okinawa, maybe I’ll find a Japanese product and will write about it instead.

The Good News

The best news of the day is that I have completed day five of my writing streak! Other good news: I now have a few writing topics. Five Days Down…Twenty-five to go…

If you are interested in where I got the 5 topic ideas, or if you want to see what other ideas are, check out 35 Blogging Ideas…here’s the link.

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