What Are You Reading?

(In full disclosure, when I write about the books, I am counting library books with pages that I can touch, and Audible books that I listened to.) I have recently gone through some heavy books. (They seemed heavy in my mind.) “Mao”, by Jung Chang, was a deep dive into how Mao created Communist China.Continue reading “What Are You Reading?”

Just some thoughts on The Invention of Wings

In 1998, the movie, Saving Private Ryan came out in theaters. That summer, my 9-year old brother and little sister came to visit us in Quantico. We swam, did some sightseeing, and we took them to see Saving Private Ryan. It was outstanding, and it is one I have watched several times. However, at theContinue reading “Just some thoughts on The Invention of Wings”

Books, Books, Books

I didn’t read the book for my leadership book club, and I showed up unapologetically to discuss it. Actually, I mostly just listened to the discussion because the other readers had intriguing and interesting insights. For the first time EVER, I felt like I could still show up even though I hadn’t even attempted toContinue reading “Books, Books, Books”