A Unique Thanksgiving

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, so I feel like I should share my thoughts on Thanksgiving past and present. Growing up, I remember that we celebrated Thanksgiving, but I don’t remember it being a big deal. There was always a lot of food and a lot of people, but we grew up with a bigContinue reading “A Unique Thanksgiving”

Typhoon Prep

I recently asked a fellow-blogger what I should do because I can’t seem to find enough interesting content to keep up with my blog on a weekly basis. Her response was that I should write about life in Okinawa. It could be related to being a military spouse, running in Japan, or working overseas. LittleContinue reading “Typhoon Prep”

Volunteerism, Recognition, Swag

The first time that I remember volunteering and making a real impact was in college. I decided to lead an effort to create a safe space for kids to have Halloween, so I met the director at the local Boys & Girls Club, and we worked together to have Trick-or-Treating at their center. I wentContinue reading “Volunteerism, Recognition, Swag”