Physical Movement Matters

Word Choice Does Too

We are going into our third week of fairly strict Covid-related Protocols, and through the process, I have begun to learn a lot about myself. Someone out there will be able to relate to this, so I am sharing it with all of you.

Week 1: Restriction of Movement Rules were put into place. I am going to say those words again because word choice means something. Restriction of Movement. For someone who spends most of her free time in movement, these words hurt. It sounded like “don’t move,” or “you can’t move.” The first few months (that’s right MONTHS), that we had safety protocols put into place, movement was my saving grace. I went on a lot of walks with my dog, and I started running a little more seriously again. I couldn’t see many of my friends, could not eat out, could not shop, and could not travel, but I could walk, kayak, get on my paddleboard, and run. It wasn’t ideal, but it was enough for me. However, when these new set of restrictions (because that is what they are calling them) were put into place, I could no longer take my dog on a walk in my neighborhood, could not run in my neighborhood, could not get on my kayak or my paddleboard, could not do all of the things that had kept me sane through the first round of how we stayed safe during this pandemic. Week 1 was tough. I cried. I sat on the couch (a lot). I pouted. I felt sorry for myself. I also took that week to try to understand THE WHY behind the new protocols, and throughout the week, I still felt STUCK. Those words would not leave my brain: Restriction of Movement ( or in my brain: do not move). Movement is life. Movement is how you know you’re alive. As we work to save people and to flatten the curve on the island, I could not wrap my arms around the idea that I could no longer move my body. It was such a struggle; movement is my life.

My dog, Gus, and I on a walk in our local community. (Pre Round 2 Covid Protocols)
Gus is ready for me to paddle out. (Pre Round 2 Covid Protocols)
I love being on the water. (Pre Round 2 Covid Protocols.)

Week 2: I started going to base to do my doggie play time and my running. I attended my zoom workout classes. I implemented a very short daily yoga practice. Once again, I started to move my body, and with the movement came the release of negative energy. With the movement came the pain of a 15 mile run and remembering that I AM ALIVE. With the movement came the recognition that I am healthy and blessed that I CAN MOVE. With the release of negative energy, I was able to better understand our new restrictions, and I began calling them protocols. As I began calling the new rules “Safety Protocols” instead of “Restriction of Movement”, my brain relaxed. When it relaxed, I was then able to begin a new project to help military families on the island. Movement and Serving Others are two of my core values; I started to feel like my old self again.

Post 15 mile run in my driveway after returning from our military base.

Week 3: As we enter into week 3 of our strict Safety Protocols, I can now see some of the advantages of this quiet time. I am ready to go back into sports that I have not done in years. I am ready to take on 40 mile run weeks. I am ready to continue my much-needed yoga practice, and I am ready to embrace important relationships in my life. The more time I have had to myself, the more I realize what TYPES of people I want in my life. The more time I have had to myself, the more I realize what THINGS I want to do with my time. The more time I have had to myself, I have been able to create more clarity around my CORE VALUES. I would not wish these protocols on anyone, but I recognize their importance. There have been a few good things come out of this.

I know that my words are not going to resonate with everyone, and that is ok. What I hope that they will do is REMIND you of how important it is to move your body and how important it is that we don’t take for granted that we CAN move our bodies because my friends, it truly is a gift.

As we move our bodies, we remember that we are alive, so embrace the movement.

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4 thoughts on “Physical Movement Matters

  1. I LOVE this blog post. It not only applies to runners but it can apply to all of us in the changes that we are having to face during this uncertain time. Yet it is how to shift our mindset in the β€œwords”.

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