Consistency Is Key

Four years ago, I ran every single day for the entire year. If that sounds bizarre, the wildest thing about that ride is that I took a picture of myself and posted it to social media every day that year. Can you imagine? Sweaty selfies Every Single Day. I am sure that people got sick of my selfies. I know people blocked me, unfriended me, talked about me, and for some reason, I didn’t care. I just kept doing it. As insecure of myself as I am, that year, I pushed through those insecurities and proved to myself that I could do something that seemed impossible. Running every single day for the year was the easy part. Documenting it on social media was the impossible.

I randomly chose this sweaty selfie. I had 365 choices.

Fast forward to this past weekend. A loose acquaintance asked me if I was still “doing” Isagenix. (Isagenix is a health and wellness nutrition line that uses network marketing as its process for sales and distribution.) I started using the products in 2014, started sharing it with a few friends and acquaintances in 2015, really started to sell it in 2016, and in 2017, I focused on growing a team. Then, my father passed away in 2018, and I moved to Okinawa right afterwards. I had consistently shared my Isagenix journey from 2016-2018, and then I stopped in 2019. I just couldn’t find a rhythm. I couldn’t figure out how to best communicate with my client base. Setting up team calls and attending the calls seemed impossible; I used the time difference as my excuse for the team calls. Finding new clients seemed overwhelming. In 2019, everything seemed impossible. Then 2020 happened, and I just did not feel comfortable sharing nutrition. Our world was going through a pandemic. My country was facing internal challenges unlike I have ever witnessed. As strongly as I felt that good nutrition is an excellent way to prevent getting sick or having that illness take you out, I could not find my position in social media, so I didn’t share it.

This is one of the posts I made last year (I did not create it; Catherine Pao did.) I was more comfortable posting things like this than nutrition.

We are now looking at 2 years where I have not consistently shared my business. It’s no wonder someone asked if I still did it. I was the person who was so consistent at using social media to share a year-long run journey and who was so consistent at sharing her business, and I was no longer sharing the business.

Consistency worked. I built up a good business, a solid team, and steady stream of weekly income, and I had fun doing it. The fun was gone, and the consistency ended. I am still not sure how I plan to work my business, but I do know that I need to get back to sharing it consistently. It is the least I could do for my own state of mind. I pride myself in consistency. I consistently run. I consistently journal. I consistently show up here to this blog. I can consistently show back up to my business.

Consistent action doesn’t have to be big action. I can just post and go. This is an example of a simple graphic that I can easily post.

I’ll be honest with you. The reason why I wanted to write about consistency this week is because I almost didn’t write today. My life has gotten busy with other exciting things, and my brain is feeling fatigued. As exciting as the “other” things are, they are also overwhelming, time consuming, important, and brain-draining. It would have been so easy to blow off this blog, but CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

My consistency advice to myself and you is

Just show up. Just write. Just share. Just post. Just stretch. Just run. Just do that one, simple thing that keeps you on your consistent track because CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

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