Why do we have obligatory hobbies?

I say that “I have a blog,” so every now and again, I feel like I actually need to write something for my blog. No one reads the blog, and this doesn’t bother me. I’m not sure if people even read blogs anymore. However, at one point in time, I decided that I wanted to write, so this felt like a good place for me to try. Because no one reads my blog, I know that this will never be a revenue generator. It is simply one of my hobbies.

I have a few hobbies. I run almost daily. I read almost daily. I scroll social media daily. (Yes, I am counting social media scrolling as a hobby.) I volunteer, and I play with my dog. I am really good at doing my other hobbies. I engage with each of them almost daily, so why can’t I sit and write once a week?

Let’s look at this whole hobby thing…

When I say that my hobbies include playing with my dog and scrolling on social media, I would put those in the least resistant category. They are no-brainers. They are fun. They don’t require much from me, and I would say that they improve my life. My friends on social are interesting and inspirational. My dog is still a puppy. He is silly and so very funny. Play time with him is a time for me to laugh out loud.

Suijin loves to play with sticks. This week he decided to play with one 3 times the length of his whole body. LOL!

When I state that my hobbies include running and reading, I’d say that these hobbies are good for me. Running helps with my overall health, and it also supports my mental health. I need fresh air; running gets me into the fresh air daily. I’d say fresh air is my #1 therapy to help with feelings of stress and anxiety. Now, reading helps me learn new things and some of what I read may make me a little more interesting. These “good for me” hobbies are good for a number or reasons and doing them requires a little effort. I enjoy doing them most of the time.

Top picture: a picture from one of my runs last week. Bottom picture: my current book.

Next, let’s visit the whole volunteerism thing. I view volunteering as the activity that falls somewhere between a hobby and work. I think that work is work. Whether or not you get paid, if you are doing work, it is that. However, volunteering can also feel like a hobby. Whether you’re planning events, raising money, bringing people together, or teaching people, each of these things could be classified as a hobby and can help with feelings of fulfillment and community. Volunteering is also a great way to try new things. There are so many wonderful reasons why we volunteer, and volunteerism can create some of the best ways to find and enjoy new hobbies.

Every month, I create events for the spouses in our group, and this was September’s group. We had brunch and learned all sorts of random things together.

Now to the writing…THIS IS HOBBY THAT I CAN’T SEEM TO CONISTENTLY DO. Hobbies take time. Hobbies take commitment. As much as we want all of our hobbies to be fun all of the time, there are going to be times when the hobby comes last on your to-do-list. There are other times that you just have to start the hobby, and when you are doing it, you are reminded that you actually enjoy it.

In a world where we often feel guilty for not doing more or that we are not doing enough, don’t let your hobby be a source of guilt or frustration. Try to make time for it because when you do it, you feel good about it. Life is too short to live in guilt about the things we are supposed to do, and it’s way too short to feel guilty about the things we choose to do. Enjoy your hobby. Have fun with it. Whatever you do, don’t lose sleep over it.

By the way, I am glad I sat down to write. It felt therapeutic to put my thoughts onto paper or in this case – the keyboard.

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I am a Texan, runner, military spouse, reader, a giver and a good friend.

One thought on “Why do we have obligatory hobbies?

  1. Thank you for categorizing these activities/hobbies. I think it has helped me to feel better about the ones that I procrastinate doing. Some do bring pure joy, and some are a practice in perseverance.
    I loved the picture of Suijin with his stick. It brought back memories of my sweet Sheppie.


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