Why do we have obligatory hobbies?

I say that “I have a blog,” so every now and again, I feel like I actually need to write something for my blog. No one reads the blog, and this doesn’t bother me. I’m not sure if people even read blogs anymore. However, at one point in time, I decided that I wanted toContinue reading “Why do we have obligatory hobbies?”

Real Estate, Business Partners & Friends

Facebook. Can you believe that some of my closest business partners became partners and friends on Facebook? I have mostly a love relationship with social media. I know people hate it. People talk poorly about it, and some people simply refuse to be on it, but I happen to enjoy it. I think my timeContinue reading “Real Estate, Business Partners & Friends”

Four Lenses

It feels strange to share this blog without acknowledging that last week our nation experienced one of the worst days in our history. That being stated, I didn’t create my blog as a space for political commentary. Actually, I created it as a space where I could write about mindset, positivity, and personal growth. ItContinue reading “Four Lenses”