Running & Fundraising

Why Do They Go Together? I was supposed to write this yesterday. Actually, I was supposed to write it last week and publish it yesterday, but I could not think of what I actually wanted to share this week. After giving it some thought, I figured that I could share what has been taking upContinue reading “Running & Fundraising”

Yoga Retreat on Okinawa

I’m not a yogi. I’m a 46-year-old endurance runner who doesn’t even enjoy post-run stretching, but because I am a 46-year-old-runner, I knew that I probably really needed this retreat. Backstory Coronavirus hit our little island, and everything shut down. Some people went into hibernation. Some people expanded their offerings. I did a lot ofContinue reading “Yoga Retreat on Okinawa”

Event Planning – Part 2 – The Basics

Let’s chat about Events. If you read my last blog, you know that I have been responsible for planning and executing road races for a non-profit, and I am currently on a team who is responsible for setting up a leadership seminar for military spouses who live on Okinawa. This blog isn’t for experienced eventContinue reading “Event Planning – Part 2 – The Basics”

Event Planning: Part 1 – The Background

I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that I missed last Monday’s post. It was the first Monday in 63 weeks that I missed publishing something. Part of me is a little embarrassed. The other part recognizes that I should have planned better and created a post in advance. The rest of me isn’tContinue reading “Event Planning: Part 1 – The Background”